(All my prints are made from my Original Oil Paintings)

  You are on  I have maintained this site for over 20 years with the same host.  The additional photos that you see here are closeups; brush and knife strokes and angles of the Original Oil Paintings I paint now in Print.   I also render raw media files into prints perfecting the colors and contrast the same as I painted.  I list on (inside Fine Art America) because their products and sizes are many, but they allow just one image to be shown, I believe you and my art deserve to see more before purchasing so I show more images here at  

This page is still under construction for the additional colors (of doors), please contact me if you need to see now and I will list as soon as possible.  


“Revelation” is an old Greek Door.  The door portion was done with flat brush and the surround was done with knives-textured.

All  pages have links to purchase prints.   Look for the word “Art” in the link. “Revelation” is seen here in its original, painted color, Teal Green.  “Revelation” also comes in seven different colors that have been digitally changed just for prints.  The other seven colors will be named in the drop-down list (menu) by name and color when completed within a week from now 7-26-20 or earlier if you need.  The original oil painting is sold.  Prints in seven colors, up to 42″x 60″, inches, are being prepared by me for print at   my print on demand site at Fine Art America.   but as of 7-26-2020, they are not yet listed.  I am also able to change the color of the door to one you may request.   If you have a custom color, please contact me using a color profile #rgb or a photo that accurately represents your color or decor item . The size that is listed is 24″x 36″, but they can be printed up to 42″x60″contact me for the larger print and I will list it for you.
See Closeups of the original “Revelation”~this link

TEAL GREEN – “REVELATION” – original painting color

SKY LIGHT BLUE  ~ “Revelation”

French Country Blue ~ “Revelation”

5 GOLDEN 24x36

GOLDEN ~ “Revelation”


YUM ~ “Revelation”



CARAMEL ~ “Revelation”


NEARLY RED ~ “Revelation”


 “Window” were all oil paintings now in print.  In the Menu above you can select from the dropdown menu the window you would like to see more close-up views of and it will take you to the page for that painting.  All of the paintings from which these paintings were made are sold. I do have other original paintings for sale under that menu heading.  If you see one you would like a print you can use the link on their pages to go directly to my site at Fine Art America available at

See closeups of “Breakfast in Santorini” ~ this link

MUCH MORE TO BE LISTED, please take a moment to “follow” and or “comment”to be notified of new listings as I have many to go, thank you.


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