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    I Maintain Two Sites: is where you are and where I sell my ORIGINAL OIL PAINTINGS.  Here, I also show MORE angles, and enlargements of portions of both oil paintings and prints for viewing.  Prints are sold at the site below.  is my PRINT SITE within Fine Art America that prints and sells many different styles of my Prints and media of my work for me.   On that site you are given only ONE image to view.  On each individual print page, here, a link can take you to the print site to purchase. 

This is and old Greek Door, whose original oil painting is sold.  Prints in all colors, up to 42″x 60″,are available.   The link for purchasing all of the following door colors is directly below.  I am able to change the color of the door in the following colors,  If you have a custom color, please contact me. The size that is listed is 24″ x 36″, contact me for the larger print and I will list for you. 

  • 5 GOLDEN 24x36

MUCHMORE TO BE LISTED, please take a moment to “follow” and or “comment”to be notified of new listings as I have many to go, thank you.


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