“LOOKING BACK” ~ (print #452″

This print is available in very large prints and many different substrates (what my prints of my original oil paintings are print on, like canvas, paper, wood, acrylic, metal and more. You can go back to your original page to go forward or use the menu and see the drop-down list. I am just starting to list images here and have over 50 to go as of September ,2020. I render all of my own work for prints including, personalized prints, vignettes or groupings, etc. Contact me here or on my print site and tell me what you are looking for instead of waiting.

Below,is a Canvas Print and a framed one just two examples of many different ways of buying one of my prints at BaywoodArtGallery.com  I maintain this site, BaywoodGallery.com for two purposes. (see links below for both sites. One, to show you the closeup images of portions of the prints that you can’t see in the one image that my Print on Demand site shows you. Two, I can’t sell my originals on a Print site, for logistic reasons, so I have a secure checkout system here on BaywoodGallery.com.

  BaywoodGallery.com is where you are now and where I sell my Original Oil paintings and show you MORE-additional photos of my paintings/prints closeups;brush and knife strokes and different angles of the Oil Paintings I painted. Why two sites:
~On Baywood
ArtGallery you can buy all of the prints made from my Oil Paintings,but you only see a single, just one image, of each print~Here on (BaywoodGallery) I sell my Originals and show many photos of each print/painting. Links to buy prints are on every page here.

inset 1inset 2

The site names are similar except for the “Art”, which designates the “Print site.” Take as long as you want looking at the additional print images hre and when you are ready to purchase or look on the Print site, use this link: BaywoodArtGallery.com or leave this browser open and come back and forth. “Following Me” is a good idea if you want to see them as I list them. I estimate that I have about fifty to go and then I will be doing vignettes and Limited Edition Series.

inset 3

When you purchase a print from BaywoodArtGallery.com A Certificate of Authenticity, signed by Mary Grden will be issued to you upon request. Just use the form below or the one on the print site and give me the name of your print. I can match it up with your purchase information. Then give me a mailing address and I will mail it to you free. Contact me on this site or there, and Thank You!

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