“Windows~Doors One or More ~ Prints



This Collection is under construction. I load the listings on my “Print Website” (BaywodArtGallery.com) first then here where you can see all the extra photos of my oil paintings/prints before you purchase prints there. Only one little word “Art” separates the two sites and their purposes~read below. Original Oil Paintings are sold here.

First are Windows, and there are only a few right now, but I add almost every day. It can be fun seeing new paintings that are now in Print when you open your computer~ see “follow me” at the bottom of every page. Most are show in a simulated Canvas Wrap Print from my Print site at BaywoodArtGallery.com, where you can see multiple methods of framing and placing my art on different substrates, like canvas, wood, metal, acrylic, paper and more.

“LOOKING BACK”~(Print #452)    ⇓

“BREAKFAST IN SANTORINI”~(Print #450)    ⇓

“WINDOW ABOVE ATHENS”~(Print #453)    ⇓

“SHADES OF VENICE”~(Print #454)    image coming soon 9-20⇓

“REVELATION”~(PRINT #501)    ⇓

“. “~(print # )

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