“SANTORINI SUN” ~ (print #103)


“Santorini Sun” is an oil painting of a small group of houses on the cliffs of Santorini Island. Santorini is a Greek Island in the Cyclades Group of the Aegean Sea. This is a view above the cliffs, also known as the Caldera, about 300 ft up. I love to paint perspective and especially architecture. The Caldera is the rim where you see all the white houses, hotels, restaurants, and some traditional houses molded from the volcanic walls of the Caldera. The eruption was centuries ago, but the surrounding islands as you can see in some of my other paintings and prints are very dark, like volcanic rock. Some of the Islands, have over the centuries, been able to grow small grasses and the seas have deposited sand along the way. The umbrellas and signature Bougainvilleas are as I saw them there.

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