Sea Serene, Santorini

The Original Oil Painting is sold ~ Prints are available here

B 12X16

A Little about Santorini

This is a familiar view of the Cross and dome of a Church well known to people who have traveled to Santorini or have dreamed of going.  Our hotel was just on the other side of the Church and is not seen here but our view was spectacular from our balcony overlooking the Aegean Sea.  The calm cobalt blue waters can be seen for ever, it seems and when you view the cliffs from the water below they are as if a blanket of white rests upon the island.  Even though the island is surrounded by water, drinking water has to be brought in or captured when it rains.  Most vegetation is natural and fed only by rain. Homes, hotels, cafes, restaurants and traditional houses all reside together cascading up and down the cliffs known as the “caldera” or rim.  The island of Santorini and the surrounding islands are volcanic, formed centuries ago by a major eruption on Santorini Island and it has withstood many earthquakes as well.

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Print~”Sea Serene Santorini“~Artist made Limited Edition #1/100 ~ 12”x 16” Flat – Canvas Print

Read the information directly before checkout for more information. You are purchasing a limited-edition print, signed and numbered by the artist on a Certificate of Authenticity. If you purchase more than one "numbered" print, the numbers will be in succession on each Certificate.


Print~”Sea Serene, Santorini“~Artist made non numbered ~ 12”x 16” Flat – Canvas Print

Read the information directly before checkout for more information. You are purchasing an open series print, that is non-numbered. You will also receive a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the Artist with each print you purchase in an open series.




This information below pertains to the “Canvas” prints I have listed. I sell Archival Watercolor Paper Prints in the same sizes and the series numbers have not been issued yet. I will be adding paper as soon as I can get more of my Prints Listed. This is a good time to mention, “follow me”, so you can see what I list and when.

I print on Epson Canvas with my Archival Epson Printer. I have been producing paper prints for over 20 years and Canvas for about 8 years. I render (bring to life) images of my work from raw media, disc, 4×5 negatives, etc. My prints are on Archival Canvas made to last 100 years or more, sealed with an acid free clear spray. The prints are lightly mounted flat on acid free mat board. Canvas prints are never put under glass. You can find standard size frames many places, just take the glass out permanently and put your print in. I find that your décor is easier to work with in standard size frames if you are using smaller art and less expensive if the Artist does all the rendering and printing. These Limited Edition Prints are new editions in the size shown on the purchase form. When all 100 numbered prints of any one series (print name) are sold I retire the series in that size and name and no more of those prints can be made. I can print in different sizes and on different media in limited editions until all of those are sold. Open editions or non-numbered series are like open stock “china”, as long as the maker keeps making the china they are available.

If you are purchasing a Limited-edition print, the Artist will sign and number a Certificate of Authenticity for every Limited Edition print purchased. If you purchase more than one “numbered” print, at the same time, the numbers will be in succession on each Certificate for the same series. Your print will be printed on flat (not stretched) Canvas. It will be lightly mounted on acid-free mat board for easy framing in a standard size frame. Take the glass permanently out of the frame you purchase. The print and its backing board will fit in the frame and rest against the same ledge (called the rabbet) that the glass rested against. Glass out ~ Print in. I do have my work shown on other sites. If you want to confirm what numbers you are wanting to purchase, please use the contact form on the page of the print you are looking at, with the number or numbers you wish to purchase and I will hold your place by time and date and get back to you as soon as I see your message.

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