On Oia #106

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“On Oia” (eeah)

I have my favorites and this may be one.  “On Oia” speaks to me in a quiet way with peaceful and serene thoughts.  Oia is a small area at the end of Santorini island known the world over for its sunsets.  I am sure it has something to do with the position it holds in the Aegean Sea and on the earth, and most importantly because God created this wonderful Island.  Visiting Santorini requires some viewing of the cliff dwellings and to accomplish this you need to have good walking shoes, and know that it is a little like snow skiing.  When you are going down the hill it takes little effort, but coming back up can be daunting.  To be truthful I only skied once.  I went up the hill once (just one time) on a lift in the morning and came down just one time just before dark.  I guess lessons would have helped, but I learned more by just sitting down on my skis and traveling at a slower speed.  I am a self-taught fine art oil painter but I think all of us have gifts, just different ones.  “Love” and “like” are two different aspects of our personalities and abilities.  Skiing for me is well not so much either one.   I love and like painting because paintings and prints can be viewed for as long as you want, wherever you want and when I am in heaven someone here can still enjoy.

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Print~”On Oia”~Artist made Limited Edition #1/100 ~ 12”x 16” Flat – Canvas Print

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Print~”On Oia”~Artist made~non numbered ~ 12”x 16” Flat – Canvas Print

Read the information directly before “Contact” that explains more about your print. If you are purchasing an open series print, that is a non-numbered. You will also receive a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the Artist with each print you purchase in an open series.


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