Mykonos Walk ~Print #201

“MYKONOS WALK” – (print #201)

This is an actual place near the Bay of Mykonos. The quiet walk and this image captured me, while I was strolling through the narrow streets of Mykonos early on a Sunday morning. The small wooden bird hanging beneath the shade was also there. The original oil painting is sold, but prints are available in sizes up to 30″x 40″ and higher, on many different substrates (what this image can be printed on, Canvas, Metal, Paper, etc.)

I list and sell my “Original Oil Paintings” here on and the Prints made from my Original Oil Paintings on  (look under “Collections ~ Santorini”)  This print comes in small sizes and up to 30″x 40″

You are on where I show extra images of my paintings/prints and Sell my Original OIl Paintings. If you are interested in “Prints”, “lifestyle and decor items” the main page for my “Print website and other items is If you would like to go directly to the individual page of this print listing, use this link for “Mykonos Walk” Both this site and the other have the same “collections” (groupings of my paintings in print and of course originals are sold here, but referenced there). When you reach the individual page you will be able to see my Prints of Paintings in assorted sizes and on many different substrates (what my paintings/prints are printed on): Canvas (Gallery Wrapped); Papers, Metal, Acrylic, Wood, Jigsaw Puzzles, Decor and lifestyle items, some may be shown below. All links here, open in a new browser so you can “toggle” or go back and forth between the two sites. The links at the bottom of this page take you to the next page, specialty items and directly to the Print site. Please consider bookmarking or following me on one or both sites.

Jigsaw Puzzles available at BaywoodArtGallery (direct link for all puzzles)

See all “Weekender Bags” with my oil paintings printed on them at this link

See all of my “Mugs” with my oil paintings printed on them at this link

Link to next Greek Island Print “Hilltop House”


When you purchase a print from A Certificate of Authenticity, signed by Mary Grden will be issued to you upon request. Just use the form below or the one on the print site and give me the name of your print. I can match it up with your purchase information. Then give me a mailing address and I will mail it to you free. Contact me on this site or there, and Thank You!

All of my Art is Copyright Protected by United States and International Copyright Laws. Anyone who copies, recreates or reproduces images seen here, in whole or in part without prior written permission by the Artist, is in violation of those laws. ALL images created by this Artist, Mary Grden are Copyright Protected and all permissions are currently held by her to reproduce and sell all of her Art in whole and in part.

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