“Dwellings, Santorini+ ~ (Print #101)

The Original Oil Painting of “Dwellings” is sold ~ Prints are available in  Singles, Packages and Limited-Editions Fine Art Prints made by the Artist Mary Grden, on Canvas and Watercolor Paper.  I pay U.S. shipping on Original Oil Paintings and the Prints I make

One of the most enjoyable scenes in Santorini is the lone windmill perched along the Santorini Caldera (rim of an erupted volcano).  It sits near one end of the island near Oia (eeah).  Once a flour mill it is now used as a “dwelling.”  Below are all the white homes, cafes, and churches in abundance.  Be sure to view all the gates, doors, windows, umbrellas, stairs patios roofs and bells.  I enjoy painting the cross and it is especially nice when it sits among communities.  I am blessed with an incredible gift that makes me happy.

print 5x7- 100

I have designed a way to print on Canvas leaving it flat ~ mounting on mat board (acid free) for insertion into Standard Size Frames that are very affordable for decor. It is very  affordable, and the same process I use for my Paper Prints with one difference ~

For Paper Prints leave the GLASS IN. 

For Canvas Prints take the GLASS OUT PERMANENTLY 

The FLAT CANVAS PRINTS ARE printed like my Watercolor Paper Prints.  I make both Canvas and Paper Prints by rendering and formatting my archived media (large digital copies) of my Original Oil Paintings.  I print sizes from 3×5 to 12×16 on Paper and on Canvas up to 12×44.  Single prints are 11×17 and 12x 16.  Depending upon the subject matter of my Original Oil Paintings, I am able to format my prints to fit a range of Standard Sizes and odd or irregular sizes.

SO…… DON’T THROW YOUR OLDER FRAMES AWAY JUST YET….Repurposing your frames and finding innovative ways to make them look new is fun.   You can send me your frame size (the inside open area, not the outside) you already have and the name and number (“The name of the print you like”, print #289), and I will give you a no obligation quote.  This is where I ask you to “follow me” here on BaywoodGallery.com  because I still have many more prints, print groupings and Vignettes to create here and you can see them when they come on.   They are shipped in a box, packaged acid free in a clear bag with a Certificate of Authenticity.  They come in a crystal clear bag, mounted on acid free mat board.  Tips for caring for your prints and framing will be included with your  purchases.   Read more about framing and your prints under:  Canvas and Paper 

PAPER PRINT – ”Dwellings”, Santorini“- size 12″x16” Printed on Epson Archival Watercolor Paper-(average lifespan is 100 years)-Open Series-Artist Made, U.S. Shipping Artist paid and International Options.

One Paper Print – Mounted on acid-free mat board ready to insert into your standard-size frame leaving the glass in to cover your print. On the “contact form” below use “checkboxes” to confirm or change Paper size as listed; option to personalize Certificate of Authenticity, or questions.


CANVAS PRINT – ”Dwellings” print #101 – size “12 x 16“- Printed on Epson Archival Canvas, (average lifespan is 100 years)-Open Series, with Certificate of Authenticity-U.S. shipping paid by Artist and International Options.

One CANVAS Print – Mounted flat on acid-free mat board ready to insert into your standard-size frame. Take the glass permanently out of your standard size frame-glass never covers Canvas art. On the “contact form” below “check” to confirm the size as listed or change the size of your print; option to personalize Certificate of Authenticity. To protect the print it has been sprayed with a clear, acid-free spray. To dust, use a soft, dry, paint brush.


ONE-LIMITED-EDITION CANVAS PRINT (#1/100)~”Dwellings” Print#101 ~ Artist made ~ 12”x 16” Flat Canvas, Printed on Epson Archival Canvas, (average lifespan is 100 years) with Certificate of Authenticity-U.S. shipping paid by Artist.

ONE-LIMITED EDITION CANVAS PRINT #1/100 – “Dwellings", Santorini, – The size of 12×16 – Mounted flat on acid-free mat board ready to insert into your standard-size frame. Glass in your standard size frame is permanently removed and cannot cover your canvas print. To protect the print it has been sprayed with a clear, acid-free spray. To dust, use a soft, dry, paint brush. If buying more than one, confirm numbers (#’s) before purchase. I will confirm by email the number/100, listed above is yours once you email me. Other Limited Edition Prints numbered in succession can also be reserved at the same time. Once confirmed select the dropdown area in your payment area and enter the total number of prints you are purchasing. Please see Option for personalizing your Certificate of Authenticity on the email form below.


The Contact Form is an all purpose one and one that I hope you use with your purchases for a second look and options that add to your Fine Art gifts.  Other sizes and new packages are on their way.



“FOLLOW ME” to see all as they are listed (about 75) different prints I make entirely from my Original Oil Paintings. You can ask me if and what I have like Santorini, Mykonos, Boats, Doors, Windows, Crosses, Churches, etc.  I can always email thumbnails to you and/or make a grouping just for you.  I will also be blogging special print packages of smaller prints and those you would see in a collage.  They will include both Watercolor Paper, Canvas in groups according to category.  Look for my Vignettes (parts of the “larger picture” so to speak), like doors, or windows, church crosses, etc., all parts of my Original Oil Paintings.

Need Larger of what you see here, contact me with a size to start.

A final note on this page…..My Original Oil Paintings are listed here as well ~ Menu>Paintings and I do listen to offers. 

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