“Dwellings” Santorini (#101)

“DWELLINGS”  (Santorini~print #101)

The lone windmill on the cliffs of Santorini, in a small village known as Oia (said eeah) is what you see first by land or by sea when you first come upon the well traveled Santorini. Most vegetation is natural and fed only by rain. Homes, hotels, cafes, restaurants and traditional houses all reside together cascading up and down the cliffs known as the “caldera” or rim.  The island of Santorini and the surrounding islands are volcanic, formed centuries ago by a major eruption on Santorini Island and it has withstood many earthquakes as well.  “Traditional” homes are seen among the housing, restaurants and hotels.  They are carved from the volcanic rock and become abodes for many.


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