The original oil paintings for all the prints shown here are sold.  Small thumbnail images of all my prints are listed here in a continuous column.  If you see something you would like to see in a larger format, other angles and closeups, or to purchase, click or tap on the picture or the title and a new page just for that print will open. Each page has a “NEXT” link so that you can go to the next page or Print from there or come back here or hover over “Prints” in the menu and use the drop down list..

“Dwellings, Santorini” 

print 5x7- 100

“Sunlit in Santorini”  ⇓

B 12X16 100

“On Oia”, Santorini  ⇓


“Remembering Santorini” ⇓


“Sea Serene, Santorini”


“Santorini Morning”  ⇓

7bg print 150

“Breakfast in Santorini” ⇓


“In the Morning Mist” ⇓

baywood-In the Morning Mist-


1.  As the Artist, I print some of my prints on Archival Canvas (lifespan 100 + years).   These prints can be framed with a standard size frame you can easily find in craft and home interior stores or frame it with a professional framer if you desire.   

     Currently I print 11×17, 12 x 16 or 12×18, for larger sizes see the last paragraph below.

These sizes are proportional size of the print without cropping. (signed, Certificates of Authenticity are issued on all prints) If you have an odd size frame already,  I can usually render a print to fit your frame inasmuch as I render all of my own work raw images and prints.  I do not charge for adjustments I do.

  My Canvas prints are framed the same as a paper prints.  The only difference ~ take the glass permanently out of the frame.  The canvas cannot be covered in glass as canvas breathes or adjusts to different temperatures.  I treat my Canvas Prints like an Original Oil Painting made to last.  I apply a sealer over the print (clear and non-gloss) to protect it against the elements and scratches.  The prints have the look and texture of Canvas, (well that was profound).   Printed on Archival Epson Canvas with my Archival Epson Printer.

Shipping from my Studio is included, not extra, when shipped within the United States.

2.  Each of the print pages here will have a direct link to my Saatchiart, where larger prints are available.  The link will be highlighted in the following color and say:



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