“Still, in the Southwest” Print #305



“Still in the Southwest” was black and white photo of mine, and love adding my Southwest color palette. I love the mood of light coming into a room from different angles and mostly sunlight allowing me to play with the shadows and shadows within shadows. My form of Realism is what I call “Representational Realism” and as the words express, it is a representation of Realism. I usually paint as large as my arm and the subject will permit, which as I grow older the arm does not stretch as far (I said that laughing).

The other form of realism, of which some of my paintings may look like “photo realism” in painting, is not what I strive attain, but they appear more realistic because the original was large enough so as to not require squinting or a support of my arm for long periods of time. In reality, when you look at one of my paintings up close you can see all the brush strokes, knife strokes and my lines are not always “ruler” straight. I use angles, perspective, shadows and more detail to give the illusion of reality.

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