A painting that carries with it a feeling, an emotion, a reflection of the past or draws the viewer in for a closer look is a “painting of thought.” I try to create a mood, a question, maybe a small mystery that the viewer can engage in while viewing. It may be as simple as wanting to be in a room, or be a part of a scene. I am an emotional painter, creating with God’s hand touching my mine and giving him thanks every day that I am able to work in my art. It has been a wonderful passion throughout my live and I hope you can feel a place of calm and reflection as you view them. My form of Realism is not photo-realistic. It sometimes seems as though my paintings might be, but it is the attention to detail, shadows, and the method of painting an illusion. Read more under my name as an Artist.

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“STILL, IN THE SOUTHWEST ~ (Print #305)    ⇓

When you purchase a print from BaywoodArtGallery.com A Certificate of Authenticity, signed by John Grden will be issued to you upon request. Just use the form below or the one on the print site and give me the name of your print. I can match it up with your purchase information. Then give me a mailing address and I will mail it to you free. Contact me on this site or there, and Thank You!


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