Musk Mars

Musk Mars II is under construction. It will have a motorized mode vice that moves the space craft onto the booster rocket. Lights will have their own circuit and switch. The space craft will be a replica of SpaceX rocket designed to go to Mars. One side will be of heavy aluminum and the other of Brass. The booster will resemble the real one with rivets piecing the stainless steel bands together. A high torque nine-volt motor drives the elevator shaft. In really the space craft is moved from its shelter to the booster by means of a motorized vehicle moving forward and back, with its “shield.”
This motorized vehicle moves forwarding backward. The unit is deigned by John and is really a fountain pen desk set. The fountain pen has an iridium nib and the ink is supplied by mechanical pump and or with cartridge.The completion is at about 94%. The tower and lights are inlace. Those individuals who follow Elon Musk and his adventures could be referred to as “Musketeers.” I issue Certificates of Authenticates on my work as each is unique and only one produced for each design. I also make Steampunk style pens as well as classic on a commissioned basis. Contact me; tell me what you want; I do a sketch and we go from there. Please consider following me here at under GrdenArtsWonkyDesign. Pens, Leather, Sketches, Prints, Prayers~coming.