Santorini View 17″x 25″

SANTORINI VIEW – 17″x 25″ Original Oil Painting – can be purchased here


Canvas is stretched over an Oak wood beveled edge enhancing the 3-D effect of my Paintings is textured in Oils in a Realism form. Most of my beveled framing, when photographed, is only slightly apparent. You can see the two corners joined, and I have left them in, Prints are made without any appearance of the bevel because when I painted the original the image goes around the curve at a perspective from the horizon. Hard to explain, but most bevels you see here are portions of corners which are real photos. I create the curve digitally on the flat prints to give you an idea of the bevel and its effect on the image. It give my Originals a “pop” to the depth and perspective. I created this curved design and to my knowledge know other Artist has replicated it. Read below the next image about how the frames behind the canvas are made.


“Santorini View” lets us embrace the afternoon just before seeing the beautiful sunsets of Santorini, known the world over.  The gentle light glances off the clouds and illuminates the white waves and the umbrella off the veranda.  Its a place of peaceful and small communities where one roof is another’s patio and simplicity is interesting.  

Lower right corner

Before you leave be sure to bookmark my site here at or “follow me” – button on the lower left – so that you can see all as I list so many more.  I sell my Originals here and my prints on BaywoodArtGallery com   Also, you may leave a comment, they are greatly appreciated.

U.S (domestic) shipping is free.  International (Outside the United States)  contact me with your shipping address/postal code and I will see if I can give you a shipping credit.  I am not responsible for Vat taxes. duties, or other fees due at your end. If you have any questions or need more photos/angles, please  contact me below and I  will answer any questions or arrange to speak with you directly.


Original Oil Painting, 17"x25". Frame designed and assembled by the Artist. Painted in Oils over a hand stretched canvas. Frame is hardwood, either Oak, Poplar or Ash. This is the Artist's website,, maintained by the Artist. Shipping is free within the United States, if you are international read last paragraphs.


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