Santorini View 17″x 25″

SANTORINI VIEW – 17″x 25″ Original Oil Painting – can be purchased here

BEST BEVELCanvas is stretched over an Oak wood beveled edge enhancing the 3-D effect of my Paintings.


“Santorini View” lets us embrace the afternoon just before seeing the beautiful sunsets of Santorini, known the world over.  The gentle light glances off the clouds and illuminates the white waves and the umbrella off the veranda.  Its a place of peaceful and small communities where one roof is another’s patio and simplicity is interesting.  

PRINTS are available at my print site:, but before you go look at some larger views of the print below.  My Print site is a “print on demand” company where I sell my prints but my Originals are for sale here for obvious reasons.  On my site there, you you can order different substrates (the surface that my images are printed on) and you can be interactive in selection options.  It is almost a duplicate site to this one in what you see here and there and the only difference in names is the word Art, which I show in orange



Lower right corner

Before you leave be sure to bookmark my site here at or “follow me” – button on the lower left – so that you can see all as I list so many more.  I sell my Originals here and my prints on BaywoodArtGallery com   Also, you may leave a comment, they are greatly appreciated.

U.S (domestic) shipping is free.  International (Outside the United States)  contact me with your shipping address/postal code and I will see if I can give you a shipping credit.  I am not responsible for Vat taxes. duties, or other fees due at your end.

Original Oil Painting – SANTORINI VIEW – 17″ X 25″ Horizontal – Oils on Canvas

One Original Oil Painting described above. Shipping is free – domestically (within the U.S.) International purchasers may have an option regarding shipping fees, read above


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If you have any questions or need more photos/angles, please  contact me below and I will answer any questions or arrange to speak with you directly.



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