“TAKING A BOW IN SANTORINI” ~ Oil Painting on Canvas  (in inches – 18″x 27″ and Print links)

This small boat resembles many Greek fisherman boats.  They paint their “bows” and trim in red and other bright colors.  This painting was an actual boat, but my inspiration to paint was the Bible, book and verse ~ Matthew 4:19, and Jesus said to them “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” 

The curved side on this Original Oil Painting was designed by the Artist and the exact bevel was  made into a “knife” so that the wood could be cut by a milling company and delivered in long “sticks” like moulding.  The sticks are cuts for joining the corners on 45 degree angles and a special router is used by the Artist for assembling the corners together.  The canvas is hand stretched and stapled to the back of the frame. The curve is two inches from front around and to the back, gentle and soft. Canvas is stretched over an Oak wood, beveled frame edge, enhancing the 3-D effect of my Paintings. Original Oil Paintings are only available through the Artist, here, on BaywoodGallery.com Prints of this painting are available for purchase at my Print site at BaywoodArtGallery.com Before you go look at the added images you can see here of each print because seeing just one print before you buy, well, I just like having you see the “whole picture”, of brush strokes and more..

just the sky and birds
just the mountain

Below, is a Canvas Print and one or two framed prints as examples of the many different kinds of prints available at my website at BaywoodArtGallery.com  (within Fine Art America). I maintain this site, BaywoodGallery.com for two purposes. One, to show you the closeup images of portions of the prints that you can’t see in the one image that my Print on Demand site shows you. Two, I can’t sell my originals on a Print site, for logistic reasons, so I have a secure checkout system here on BaywoodGallery.com ~ one site sells prints, one sells originals plus shows more images for prints sold on the other site, both maintained by me.

I list and sell my “Original Oil Paintings” here on BaywoodGallery.com and my paintings are made into Prints from my Original Oil Paintings on BaywoodArtGallery.com  and when you look there, select Collections~Santorini and Mykonos). This Print comes in small sizes and large and is printable on many different substrates (the surface a print can be printed on such as Canvas, Paper, Metal, Wood, Acrylic and more ~ If you are interested in decorative items to go with your prints and you don’t see them, such a pillows, just contact me and I can usually make them fit so that your whole image fits without cropping)

When you purchase a print from BaywoodArtGallery.com A Certificate of Authenticity, signed by Mary Grden will be issued to you upon request. Just use the form below or the one on the print site and give me the name of your print. I can match it up with your purchase information. Then give me a mailing address and I will mail it to you free. Contact me on this site or there, and Thank You!

“Taking a Bow in Santorini”

Original Oil Painting, 18"x27". Frame designed and assembled by the Artist. Painted in Oils over a hand stretched canvas. Frame is hardwood, either Oak, Poplar or Ash. This is the Artist's website, BaywoodGallery.com, maintained by the Artist. Shipping is free within the United States, if you are international read last paragraphs.


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