Red Door at Panagia Paraportiani 18”x 12”




Panagia means the “Virgin Mary”and Paraportiani translates to ‘’standing next to the entrance door.”  One English translation names the whitewashed church as “Our Lady of the Side Gate.” In any case it is well known that the church consists of five churches. The churches were built on top or next to the others. There are four different architectural styles involved including Byzantine, vernacular, traditional and western style starting centuries ago in medieval time forward with the last renovations ceasing in 1920. A web search, if interested, will tell the entire history,

When we stopped and wandered around the church on our travel to Mykonos we also toured the town historical marine museum, they told us that when the church first started it was a very seafaring, fishing oriented island. Fisherman would brave storms and when it seemed they would not return, they would pray to God for a save return. Giving thanks to God, they would build a church praising God. It explains why the beauty of the five churches and the mixture of styles created a simple, clay-like structure, known the world over.

Very close to Paraportiani is another church with a blue dome on the shoreline in the Bay of Mykonos with colorful boats and reflections in the calm waters at the shore. That painting “Mykonos Bay” will be among my Prints that I will list very soon. This might be a good time to mention you can “favorite my work” to be notified when my new work listed.



Canvas is stretched over an Oak wood beveled edge enhancing the 3-D effect of my Paintings.

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An Original Oil Painting

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