La Jolla Stroll 24″ x 30″

LA JOLLA STROLL – In the beginning Stages – 24″ x 30″

This painting can be purchased now before it is finished and still be a  commissioned piece.   If you have any personalized elements you would like to add, just ask and I will see what I can do.  As an example, I once painted a vintage all brick building with vines covering it and the reflections of a church across the street for a real estate office and gave them the rights to reproduce the image for their business.  This painting is painted on the traditional Gallery Wrap Canvas, flat on the sides with a 1.5″ depth.

in the studio on the easel

My style of Realism in Oils can only be done in a studio setting to allow each layer to dry.  I have always taken photos of my special places and settings to help capture some of the detail and memory.  Here is a photo of  the shop (under a different name).  I don’t always mix the same colors but I do mix all my colors from the palette always in my mind and not straight from the tube. I leave in some. take some out and add much more of me.

Inset 2 phase two

The darkest colors start to be added

image 4

U.S (domestic) shipping is free.  International (Outside the United States)  contact me with your shipping address/postal code and I will see if I can give you a shipping credit.  I am not responsible for Vat taxes. duties, or other fees due at your end. If you have any questions or need more photos/angles, please  contact me below and I  will answer any questions or arrange to speak with you directly.


Original Oil Painting, 24"x 30". Frame designed and assembled by the Artist. Painted in Oils over a hand stretched canvas. Frame is hardwood, either Oak, Poplar or Ash. This is the Artist's website,, maintained by the Artist. Shipping is free within the United States, if you are international read last paragraphs.


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