Down by the Sea in Mykonos

“DOWN BY THE SEA IN MYKONOS” ~ 24″ x 24″ ⇓

This painting is also a composition of my memories of Mykonos.  A patio of natural cut stone and walkways leading you to where you need to go “down by the sea.” The streets are much narrower that these in Mykonos Town and down by the Bay.  Older, small three-wheeled trucks, the size of a motorcycle with a bed on the back, “beep” constantly as they wind through the town while delivering foods to bakeries, cafes and restaurants. All of the pathways lead down to the water or the Bay where large boats and fishing craft are moored in the Bay.

On the sea side is “Little Venice” a popular and well known area for well-known films where restaurants line the seaside and menu items are too numerous to list.  It is also a popular destination for “Petros” a large white Pelican revered by the town’s people and who roams in and out of the kitchens looking for his daily diet of fish.  It has been several years since our travel to Mykonos, I hope Petros is still roaming.

Above are images of the actual “beveled edge” showing the 2″ curve. These photographed paintings require the entire bevel to be digitally added because the actual curve does not photograph entirely and as it is shown in the setting below, I place my print in the photograph and arrange for the shadows to be cast in the correct position. If a print is made from an original, I as the artist, must compensate for the small part of the edge that does not photograph as well. I do all of my print rendering on my trusty Mac and until recently printed all of my own work. I am starting four new paintings this month.

I envisioned this setting (painting) to be on the outskirts of town near our hotel where homes, little shops and boutiques line the tiny streets and walkways.  Many places in Mykonos display patios that sit atop or below roofs and I always loved their handmade awnings and pots.

The size of this painting as shown here is an approximation. The actual size of this painting is 24″x24″ This formal room setting, photo, provided by photographer, (below)

The size of this painting as shown here is an approximation. The actual size of this painting is 24″x34″. This casual room setting photo was provided by photographer, Both settings demonstrate how this painting can be placed in either casual or formal setting.

Below is an example of how the stone walk looks against a brick facade

The print as shown above, is available at my print site with this direct link: Prints of “Down by the Sea in Mykonos”

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Original Oil Painting, 24 X 24″. Frame designed and assembled by the Artist. Painted in Oils over a hand stretched canvas. Frame is hardwood, either Oak, Poplar or Ash. This is the Artist’s website,, maintained by the Artist. Shipping is free within the United States, if you are international read last paragraphs.


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