All Original Oil Paintings that have not been sold appear in this category on this site, BaywoodGallery.com and can only be purchased here. Each Painting and Print on this site, has an individual page showing enlargements of details, brush and knife strokes and so much more. Originals will be shown with their beveled-edges. The frames are cut by a milling company for me and I used a special router to join them. The canvas is stretched before painting, onto the frames; the canvas corners are stretched and formed around the framing then stapled to the back of the frame.

You can use the menu or click the image below to start viewing.

Every Page you open here with a link or using the menu opens to a new browser so you can leave the page you were on and to back and forth or use the “direct links” on every page to move about.

BaywoodArtGallery.com is where I sell Prints, Lifestyle and Decor Items, depicting my Fine Art Oil Paintings. I have given the “Print Website an acronym, “BAG”, and easy to remember as the “Prints” are in the “BAG” (a part of Pixels.com). You may have come here from there to here at, BaywoodGallery.com (without “art” in the name) is where I sell my Original OIl Paintings and show all those EXTRA IMAGES of every painting and print (closeups-brush and knife strokes details, and the beveled framing you see above, on my originals)!!! I am still listing the extra images of every print you see on “BAG”, (linked above). If you don’t see the extra images here, for a specific print, yet, please contact me and I put them up right away for you.

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