“Drawings by John Grden”

 “Use the “SLIDER below to see which prints pique your interest. The name and number of EACH PRINT is under the image on the Slider and it corresponds to has a Link under the SLIDER . If you click the link for that print/original it will take you to the full page display of closeups of the print an original; samples of Canvas Wrap Prints, Metal, and Framed Prints and links to purchase prints and specialty items on BaywoodArtGallery.com.

You can also the Menu to select from the dropdown or have a seamless look at all of them by finding the “NEXT LINK” (“name of the print and number”) at the bottom of every Print/Original

The image is at the bottom of every page is the ORIGINAL drawing and not the print as shown here (made for printing) some aspects have been slightly modified. Please contact me with any questions.

FIRST IN A SERIES OF SIXTEEN “COMICAL MICE” DRAWINGS IS ~”FACTORY MOUSE” #101~ My mice have very large ears and I have them very busy trying to do human things while accomplishing nothing. The fun is in looking for the finished product, which is probably never coming. They are always happy and diligent in doing nothing. I love sketching machinery and the way the gears interact and, well, what else can a mouse do, but keep busy. Look for the rest in this series, including those that involve, what else, but “cheese.”


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