“In the Morning Mist” #601

“IN THE MORNING MIST”  (print #601)

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 Below is a sample of a Canvas Print available for purchase at  BaywoodArtGallery.com  my site within Fine Art America who prints the images I render from my Original Oil Paintings.   You are viewing on BaywoodGallery.com.  (no “Art” in the url name), where I sell my Original Oil Paintings and use this site to show more images of each print and painting so you will see more of what you are purchasing.  (Fine Art America cannot allow more than one image per print).   Many, if not most of my paintings were photographed and made into large negatives that were later transferred to digital images.  After I paint and render the images for color and size, I list them here with the other photos I have chosen to enlarge and then I list on Fine Art America so they can print them.  My Original Oil Paintings are sold here through a secure checkout system with free shipping within the United States, and possible International options. (see each Original Oil Painting) 

This painting was inspired by a small bay near where I used to live in Baywood Park near Morro Bay in California.  Early morning lets the sun cast its shadow on a tender boat and the stillness of the water in the morning mist. The owner of the boat gave me a photo of his “tender” boat that took him back and forth to his home made boat moored in the bay.  The small boat is painted here right before the tide was going out and would soon land it on a sandbar.  He was the resident savior of boats stranded on the sandbars all along the protected bay between Baywood and Morro Bay.  His name was “Sandals” and he would stop by my small Gallery on his way out to paddle out during low tide and help those unsuspecting people back to safety.  Sadly, “Sandals” died before I could paint “In the Morning Mist.”

Prints made from my Original Oil Paintings are available for purchase on BaywoodArtGallery.com  (look under “Collections ~ Boats”) 

As the Artist I am able to render much larger sizes of this print. Contact me here or there with your requested size and I will reply with the new listing for that size. Keep in mind the largest size of print available through Fine Art America is 108″x 50″ (any size vertical or horizontal fits within that size by turning the image 1/4 turn) The first image on this page is a (Canvas Gallery Wrap) which is just one of the many substrates, (what the print is printed on), such as paper, metal, wood, acrylic and more. 

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