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My is where all of my Original Oil Paintings will be for sale as well as links to buy the prints of my Original Oils, guest artists, and much . 

Buy Prints at    my sister site at a “print on demand” company.  If you see a print here that you would like to see in many sizes, frames, paper, canvas, metal, wood, acrylic, some specialty items and more tap on the link above, with “Art” in its title, ( on any page for Prints.  My site there opens up to “Collections”.  Choose by the print image or image group, like “boats.”  The reason I have two functioning sites is that one site can only sell prints for me and the other, my 20 + year old site, only sells Original Oils.  Both sites are secure. 

I have always sold Limited Edition Prints, and may in the future, but for now I am waiting until I get all of my originals and prints up for sale.  Use the links provided here and hopefully you will Follow, Tweet, and find a wonderful piece of  my Art.  I do all of the maintenance on the sites including the rendering of raw and very large media files.  I am a self-taught, Expressionist Oil Painter, who over the last 20 years, learned print making, and how to digitally render my prints for color, contrast, sizing and more.  My color palette as a painter helps me in making sure the colors are as genuine as the Original I painted.  

Hope that you enjoy and comments are appreciated. 

For many years I told people I was a “Realist”, but I am not.  I am an “Painter in Expressionism”.  That is to say, that when you first view one of my paintings or prints you might think it is somewhat realistic view, but an Expressionist paints or puts emotion into their painting.  I can explain it by what people say to me when they view my work, like this:  “People often remark on how my painting makes them ‘feel’,  like ‘happy’, or ‘calm’ or as if they could walk right into the painting with emotion.  

Framing Flat Canvas Art Like a Photo

Artist, Mary Grden tells how  We all know which one is the “Rabbit.”  What you may not know is which one is the  “Rabbet.” The link tells you how I frame my Canvas prints.



John Grden’s First Book is now Out

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John’s First Book Kathie’s Dollhouse is now out in both E-Book and Paperback on Amazon at this link:  Kathie’s Dollhouse

John Grden, Featured Artist

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A new Children’s Book  “Kathie’s Dollhouse” is now on Amazon in Paperback and on Kindle as an e-Book.  You can read an excerpt and read more at 

Mykonos, and one of its Paintings


Direct Link to this Painting

Although it is a composition of different images this Painting represents my favorite memories of Mykonos.  Stone walkways are sometimes painted in patterns, and some are laid from native stone.  A roof for one is a patio for another and shops with awnings are close to home, above the stairs or next door.

I sometimes wonder, if I were in my younger years, would I be living above and my shop below with the name of my Gallery on the small awning above the door as I did with my original Baywood Gallery in Baywood Park, California.

Mykonos and Santorini are very close in their island chain often visited at the same time but the islands are very different in Architecture and where people live and the shipping and fishing community.  Most homes are either clustered near the sea or outside of Mykonos town, near the bay and “Little Venice.”

An Original Oil Painting, with coated wire hanger on back and Certificate of Authenticity

“A Walk by the Sea in Mykonos” The button below accepts all major cards and PayPal~and is secure. Shipping within the United States is Free. International, please contact me with your postal address and codes to see if I can help with standard shipping cost, prior to purchase.


“Sunlit in Santorini”


“Sunlit in Santorini

Click or tap the link to see this print.  Sizes 5×7 and up, Limited Editions Edition and Open Edition prints rendered  and printed by the Artist.  Shipping is included in pricing for U.S. destinations and options for International shipping.


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