Print Packages For Sale

 I will have Packages and prices for you to afford for yourself or gift for others.

The first package I will presenting will be 3 of any print in sizes 12×16.

The prices will be a savings of just over $20 savings on the third print.  All 3 in Paper or all 3 in Canvas is what this package offers.

Other packages I am working on along with listing almost 75 prints will be in 5×7, 8×10, 9×12 and 11×14.  of course if you have a collage frame I can make them to fit any size in the frame.  For each package I will still pay U.S. shipping to one address for each package.  On individual or single prints I pay postage for each print to one address.

As I have mentioned before if you have an odd sized frame you love, I can format my art to fit.  Remember, standard Size Frames are the same size, horizontally or vertically.  Just turn the frame 90 degrees and you have the other.



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