Original Oil Paintings – Sale!

Each of my Oil Paintings now listed, can be seen by clicking the banner image above. They are shown on one continuous (scrolling) page at BaywoodGallery.com.

I am the Artist, Mary Grden, of BaywoodGallery.com All my paintings are on Gallery Wrap Canvases, with a “twist” on the frame behind the canvas. My Oak, Ash, or Poplar hardwood frames are made by me, and each side has curved edges 2-inches deep instead of the flat sides of a traditional Gallery Wrap Canvas. The curved edges allow the viewer to see all of the painting from any angle in a room. The curved molding sticks are cut from a “knife” I designed over 25 years ago for a milling company. I will not be making these frames again, as I am selling my “knife” (design) and the joiner routing machine. I am just not as strong as I used to be when I started what has been an eye-catching design, I hadn’t counted on. I will be finishing the curved framed canvases I have left and beginning new ones on the traditional flat sided Gallery Wrap Canvases.

The sales prices will be note on each listing (payment kiosk) with the Original price noted therein. I will look at reasonable offers as well if you contact me first. My online presence here at BaywoodGallery.com is over 20 years. Selling online is always a challenge, but I am the same Artist I was over 40 years ago. This sale will commence on Friday, August 19, 2022 or as the prices change, whichever occurs first. Questions are always answered. Be sure to read about shipping

This site is under renovation, while I include my husband’s work.

The Painted Boats of Venice

Prints and specialty items depicting the prints of my Oil Paintings can be purchased at BaywoodGallery.Pixels.com

BaywoodGallery.com is where you will find my Original Oil Paintings to view and purchase; see more than just one image of my all my Paintings and Prints: When I complete the updating of my site appearance here, I will resume making my Limited-Edition, standard size archival prints for sale here, also.

The link to this Original Oil Painting on my site, here, is directly below this paragraph. Please note: (the green backdrop under words and photos are from my previous website appearance) and will be removed shortly. I am the painter of all my work and website maintenance as well, please contact me with any questions while I make these changes to a white background.

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