“Cafe on the Rim”- #112

“CAFE ON THE RIM”, SANTORINI  (print #112)

“Café on the Rim” is an actual setting and restaurant on the rim or “Caldera” of Santorini, Greece, an island in the Aegean Sea and part of the Cyclades Islands. Almost all of the activity of the island takes place on the rim because it faces the sea and the views are unmatched anywhere in the world. The caldera was formed by an eruption of a volcano many centuries ago. The Greek people are strong and resourceful, and they rely on the land to provide a way of life that they adapt to. Many of the homes on the “rim” are carved out of the natural volcanic rock formations and called “traditional homes.” Restaurants, hotels and homes live among each other on the Island and on the rim. We actually ate at this restaurant and this is the view I captured. When a person travels to the Greek Islands, the memories last forever. I am fortunate that I can transfer some to canvas with my paintings.


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