“Still, in Sausalito” ~ (print #609)

“Still in Sausalito” (print #609)

Below is a sample of a Gallery Wrap Canvas Print available at this link:   BaywoodArtGallery.com under Boats Collection.  I sell my Original Oil Paintings here because my print site mentioned above does not sell Original Oil Paintings. In addition to selling Originals  here at BaywoodGallery.com I also show many more views of each Print of the Original Oil Painting; close up images of the canvas, paint and textures left by the brush and knife etc.

                      Details of the cruiser cabin on the other side

I painted this oil painting from a photo I took of these two “Bird Boats” moored along the docks of Sausalito. CA. These boats have a long history among the fastest racing boats made in San Francisco. Their long heavy keels, keep the sail boats upright in steep turns and high winds. There were about twenty five of these wooden boats made and these two were just waiting to be painted. This painting, now sold, was among my work exhibited at the prestigious Sausalito Art Festival, in California. Prints are available in sizes up to the original size of 30×40 and larger, but contact me with your size request.

                  Houses, umbrellas, trees, lockers (numbered) railings

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“The Bird Boats of San Francisco”, in an Oil Painting now in print named “Still, in Sausalito”

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