Santorini Bow ~ Prints

“SANTORINI BOW” ~ Prints ~ 

This small boat resembles many Greek fisherman boats.  They paint their “bows” and trim in red and other bright colors.  This painting was an actual boat, but my inspiration to paint was the Bible, book and verse ~ Matthew 4:19, and Jesus said to them “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.

6-20 print

”This print comes in small sizes and up to 30″ x 20″ (inches). The first image below is just one sample of a Canvas-Gallery Wrap Print.  I list and sell my “Original Oil Paintings” here on   and my Prints on


This is my site where I list my Original Oil Paintings for sale with a secure checkout system.  I also list more images of each painting and for each Print.  I don’t sell prints here but I market them with more images of each and then give you a link to my Print site (see below-with the word Art in red. My print site within Fine Art America is able to sell my prints in many different substrates (what the prints are actually printed on) like, Canvas, Metal, Paper, etc.  Some images depending upon the proportions can also be printed on other media.  The direct link to my Print site is under the last image on this page.


inset 1inset 3inset 2

All of my Originals and Prints are seen here first, please consider “following me” on (here), Twitter and or   I have over 30 years of work most in print left to list, hope to see you back,  If you have any questions or need more photos/angles, please  contact me below and I will answer any questions or arrange to speak with you directly.  I do all of my own work from the painting to the print.

canvas bow

Prints of this Painting are available at  While you are here please bookmark or follow me here on and take a look at my Original Oil Paintings – Some in stages-some finished, all for sale.


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