“Burano”, Italy ~ (print #609)

“COPYRIGHT PROTECTED” is seen in a lighter grey overlay on the first image of each print page “ALL RIGHTS RESERVED” by Artist, Mary Grden or John Grden, respectfully. Copying of our work is prohibited by U.S. or International law, The copyright words will be removed before printing. Certificates of Authenticities, protecting the Artist and Purchaser, are issued by us on all Prints.

The image above is this print on a canvas gallery wrap frame, available at the link below for our printing website: BaywoodGallery.Pixels.com There are 12 more Boat Prints of Mary’s Paintings to come so please choose the next grouping from the menu above, or from the front page “Image Blocks” as Mary gets them listed.

BaywoodGallery.com is where you are, here! & BaywoodArtGallery.com the link for Larger and different wall Prints & items Mary’s art is printed on. John’s Art is coming very soon.

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