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New Round for banner 3-20-100

    Two sites:   and   BaywoodArt 

You are on  where I sell my Original Oil Paintings.  I also show my prints here with portions enlarged to show texture, brush strokes and more.  is my print site within Fine Art America that prints and sells many different styles of Prints and media of my work.  Look for the link on each print page to use when you want to go to my print site to purchase.  It will open in a new browser to hold your place here if you come back and forth or you can also “bookmark” the two sites.  My Original Oil Paintings are only sold on (you are on it now)

No “urls” are linked on this page, well, because I want you to experience the “looking” before you go.

This page contains one image of each print in this “collection” with a link to each individual print page.

“Santorini Bow”~ Print #630-Full Page Link


“In the Morning Mist” ~ (print #601) 

thumb-In the Morning Mist-

“Burano”, Italy ~ (print #602)


“Still, in Sausalito” – Print #609 link

72 15X20

More Boats to be listed, please take a moment to “follow” and or “comment”to be  notified of new listings as I have many to go, thank you.



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