“Boats N’ More~Prints”

(All my prints are made from my Original Oil Paintings)

  You are on BaywoodGallery.com my site for selling my Original Oil Paintings.  You are also here to  see more, I mean more, angles, closeups, brush strokes, and detail of the prints that you can’t see in the ONE photo shown on my   BaywoodArtGallery.com   Opens to all of my print categories.  They have many many different substrates, what prints can be printed on.

Here, on the menu, all of the categories are Prints, except Original OIl Paintings. When you CLICK/TAP on an image from the main category page, like “Boats”  a new browser window opens and you are then on that individual “boat” page.  You never lose your place, or use the menu.

“Santorini Bow”~ (print #630)  This painting is shown in “Originals” ~ Print

“In the Morning Mist” ~ (print #601)  ⇓

“Burano”, Italy ~ (print #602)  ⇓

“Still, in Sausalito” – (print #609)  ⇓

“My Portofino” – (print #604)  ⇓

More Boats to be listed, please take a moment to “follow” and or “comment”to be  notified of new listings as I have many to go, thank you.


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