A Walk by the Sea in Mykonos

The left side of the Canvas shows a curve on the staircase. Sometimes these are called unexpected effects, that give it a sense of “realism.”

Birds, Clouds,Canvas Texture⇓


Texture in the white⇓

A little more of the teal colored gate/door to the right.⇓

Left side of painting, curve and texture-show sslightly darker for texture (view)⇓

Tall ceilings or not, bright sunlight, or create it with art, Originals or Prints

At the bottom of a stairway or at the end of a hall, this will open a wall with a view

Prints are published and printed, flat, without the bevel effect, as seen below ⇓

The payment “kiosk” below has information about shipping domestic and International, please read before purchasing and ask any questions you may have.


Original Oil Painting, 18″x 36″~ inches “A WALK BY THE SEA IN MYKONOS” Original Oil Painting – painted on canvas Original hand painted by the Artist, Mary Grden. It is painted on Canvas and stretched over a hardwood, handmade frame, with a two-inch soft curve on the edges. Shipping free inside the contiguous United States. If you are International or in Hawaii? I will credit the cost to ship within the United States, to your purchase price. I cannot ship to countries currently in war or near war. For a credit, please Contact me below, before purchasing, thank you for understanding.