A Walk by the Sea in Mykonos

BGThis is one of many walks leading to the sea, although it is composition of different images, it also represents many memories of mine.  The paths are streets as well, allowing a few small three wheel vehicles to pass and some not; it is very comical if you take lightheartedly.  The stone walkways are sometimes painted in patterns, and some are laid to lead you, with curves and turns just where you need to go.

I often remember the buildings and how it is hard to tell if one is a shop or an entrance to a home and always a roof for one is a patio for another.  This one shows both, with an awning over the door to a shop and a gated entrance to an upstairs home.  Few worry about a locked door or closed window which always gives forth a breath of fresh air.  I have painted many of Mykonos, Greece and love visiting again while paint.  I am hoping to include several photos here about my unique beveled edge canvas that you can get a glimpse of on the featured images of Originals I list here for sale.  The frame under the hand-stretched canvas was designed and made by me and lends itself to enhancing the “3-D” effect of my work in “Realism.”

This Original Oil Painting, sized 36″ high by 18″ wide is available for sale here on this site for the offered price of $1,995.  This price includes shipping.  If your destination is in the United States, you can purchase using “Simple Payment” below, which is completely secure and accepts all major cards and Paypal.  International Buyers can purchase through Saatchiart.com, where my art is also available for the same pricing and also includes shipping by clicking on this link:   International Buyers use this link

 In any case, I ship from the United States and my home Studio in Houston, TX

If you have questions about pricing or need more photos about this painting, please contact me below and I will answer any questions or arrange to speak with you directly.


Proportionately scaled in a room setting – beveled edge hardwood frame under canvas


Two curves of the beveled edged canvas frame opposing each other




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