Soon this page will contain “Portal Buttons for Continuous Scrolling on any device, through our site. Mary’s will contain 2-4 “Portals” that are linked the next Portal or other Links like the one to our Print on Demand website: BaywoodArtGallery.com that is our sister site with “Art” in its name. Today I completed the home page showing our individual logos that will be under the umbrella of BaywoodGallery.com which is right here.

This entire site is now under construction, please be patient and read how we are doing this. My Domain, BaywoodGallery.com has been in existence for over 20 years and on WordPress for 13 years. It has been my Fine Art and a place for Selling Original Oil Paintings and some prints. My other “Print on Demand” site, through Pixels is BaywoodArtGallery.com (with the wordART in the middle. They are able to produce all sizes and larger wall art on seven different substrates, like Metal, Acrylic, etc. All products that our Art is printed on, are available there too. Soon on this site, you will see links taking you directly to a product pages, at BaywoodArtGallery.com Hope you can Join us on our trek.

One “Portal Scroll” is working now “Original Oil Paintings” for Mary

Today the new header for both John and Mary’s Art was installed. The Portals will start to grow each day that I can load them and get the links installed as well, tomorrow. The Header will have sample of the “circles” denoting a continuous scroll in that Category. In doing this most links for the “next page,” will not work. We would love to have you follow us (below) while we start. As I start to load the “Portal Scrolls”, I hope to start blogging as I go along. The Portals will become the “menu” and you can go seamlessly through the site or choose a new one.

John will be bringing his fine art sketches and color renderings and Mary will print those and his Latin Prayers in standard sizes. He will bring his every popular Steampunk Pens; Brass Sculptures, his latest, almost on its “roll-out”, is a battery operated launch pad (“space” theme), “Musk Mars.” All handmade Leather Watch Bands with Invicta Watches, Leather Journals, with hand sewn paper in pads, tooled, Totes, Wallets, bags, tooled will be here soon.