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BaywoodGallery.com  (purchase Paintings here)

Original Oil Paintings are listed here for sale because I do not sell anymore with online Galleries.  I use the closeup and angle views of my Originals as a selling tool, showing textures of the paint and canvas and the beveled edge hardwood framing under the Canvas.  I am able to list my Originals on my other site which is my site for selling Prints, but the actual purchase of the Original is not handled by them, they must be purchased here, securely.  I have always enjoyed the personal interaction with my clients and I maintain my two sites. 

New Round for banner 3-20-100

For Prints and Specialty Items.

 BaywoodArtGallery.com   (purchase Prints)

 I render my large negatives, photos, and disc files of each image, digitally, and you will see little difference between the colors of an Original and that of a Print, because I am the Artist.  I show more than one image of each print here because the print site only shows one.  On the Print site you can choose a print on its own page showing numerous substrates, (what the image is printed on) like canvas, metal, wood and specialty items and you can interact each with the print.

Please bookmark or follow me to see my work as it is added first on BaywoodGallery.com where i sell my Original Oil Paintings and then on BaywoodArtGallery.com where I sell Prints

My last name is “Grden” I remember it this way….It is the word “garden” without the apple.

Please, go back to the menu (upper right) and see it all !!!

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